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What's New with SuccessFactors Onboarding 2018?

Feb 6, 2018 5:08:00 PM / by Jessica Meinhardt


You may have heard some discussions around changes to the SuccessFactors Onboarding module. It’s TRUE!! SAP SuccessFactors is in the process of completing a major overhaul to the existing Onboarding module in 2018. Although it’s not considered to be a new module, it certainly will incorporate a new look and feel to the end user while aligning to other SuccessFactors modules.


The overall theme behind the re-vamp is to simplify the module. With simplification as the guiding principle, SuccessFactors clients can expect to see increased adoption of the SAP SuccessFactors platforms and common data structures using the Employee Central framework. In saying this, it’s important to mention that Employee Central is not and will not be a pre-requisite to enabling the Onboarding module.


Here are some of the major changes/enhancements that we expect to see in Onboarding 2018:

  • Panels will no longer be the experience users see when entering and confirming new employee data. Instead, SAP SuccessFactors is re-purposing the Employee Central user interface design and applying it to Onboarding. If you are familiar with the Add New Employee feature in Employee Central, this is the look and feel that you can expect.
  • SuperAdmin is going AWAY! Just like provisioning, Onboarding’s SuperAdmin is the interface reserved for SAP SuccessFactors client support and certified consultants to make backend system changes. All this functionality will be added to Admin Center which means increased flexibility for the client.
  • The Employee Portal is being deprecated. Rather than sending new hires to a dedicated page for basic welcome and employment information, the information historically contained in the Employee Portal will be added to a series of Onboarding tiles on the user’s homepage. By re-purposing the logic used for the LMS external user permission, SAP SuccessFactors engineers have solutioned a method to permission pre-employment system access so that new hires can only see relevant, non-sensitive information before they start work.
  • The addition of the Extension Center. The Extension Center is where admin users will be able to apply business rules (advanced conditions are a thing of the past) and customize user interfaces and fields.

By no means is this an all-inclusive list of the changes that we can expect to see in the upcoming months. As of February 2018, the current state of Onboarding 2018 is that it is in BETA testing with select SuccessFactors clients. In parallel, SAP SuccessFactors is in the process of designing a migration tool to streamline the transition from the current Onboarding module to Onboarding 2018.


If you’d like to learn more about Onboarding 2018, please register at this link https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3968903113330295298 for Whitaker-Taylor’s upcoming webinar. Whitaker-Taylor can also assist your organization with your administrative, support or optimization needs. For more information please contact info@whitakertaylor.com.

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Jessica Meinhardt
Written by: Jessica Meinhardt

Jessica has engaged in several successful national and global SuccessFactors implementations and support for over 25 clients with a focus on Recruiting Management, Onboarding, and Learning Management System (LMS). Supported clients have a come from a variety of industries including insurance, retail, manufacturing, banking, food and beverage and technology. To date, Jessica has supported several large Enterprise and global implementations. For one Enterprise client, her work as the Lead Implementation Consultant for LMS was recognized at 2015 SuccessConnect. Most recently she has integrated SuccessFactors Recruiting to Onboarding, Employee Central and supported multiple third-party vendor integrations. Jessica’s 12 year tenure in HR management has afforded her the opportunity to apply deep knowledge and understanding to client’s organizational requirements and processes.