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Secrets of the SuccessFactors Performance Metrics Portal

Dec 21, 2016 12:30:00 PM / by Lewis Strickland

If you are a SuccessFactors Administrator, you can now view data about system performance and system usage. The user experience has an impact on how users view the tasks in your talent management applications and will affect user adoption. It pays to keep a close eye on how well your SuccessFactors applications are serving your users



The Performance Metric Portal contains two data sets. System Usage provides information about logins and other user activity. System Performance reports transactions, page performance, and session activity.

Reports are in both graphical and list views, and you can download the data in Excel formats.

You can drill down into details from graphical and summary data to isolate the cause of performance issues. Once you learn which metrics trigger a concern about performance, you can place the reports on homepage tiles to show a quick view of potential problems.


Tracking User Engagement

Getting employees to update their work experience on their Employee Profiles can be difficult. Even the best of communication efforts can fall short without monitoring and follow-up.

In the Performance Metric Portal, you can easily track the change in login volume and changes to the Employee_File module. You can also view Edit Work Experience transactions. This allows you to track who accessed their files and made changes so you can follow up.

SuccessFactors Performance Metrics Portal

SuccessFactors Performance Metrics Portal


System Usage

As a system administrator, you need to know details about how people use the system:

  • how often employees log- into the system over time,
  • how many employees log in each day;
  • time of day and performance during peak load times, and
  • how much time they spend in the system and on what tasks.

Reports in the portal can even break down system usage by browser, device type, and even location using the geomap visualization.

SuccessFactors Performance Metrics Portal


Page Performance

To evaluate the user experience, you can track page performance to determine the load time for each page.

A positive candidate experience is essential to recruiting efforts, so we recommend paying close attention to page load times. Candidates will abandon the site if pages take too long to load. Use the graphical tools in the Page Performance report and filter by the Recruiting module to isolate page performance. You can then track a negative trend back to its source to identify the page changes impacting loading times.


Performance Metrics Portal Vs Other Reporting Tools

SuccessFactors continues to develop and release tools designed to improve system usability and functionality. Ad Hoc reports and Online Report Designer can query some aspects of system usage, the predefined reports located in the Performance Metrics Portal give you much more. Detailed insight into performance issues can help you enhance the user experience and improve user adoption.


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Lewis Strickland
Written by: Lewis Strickland