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Transform Your Recruiting with Service Level Agreements using SuccessFactors Online Reporting

Nov 11, 2016 12:30:00 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor

Transform Your Recruiting with Service Level Agreements using SuccessFactors Online ReportingTwenty years ago, a new customer service center opened in a large city. It was one of seven centers in a fast-growing growing company. The business model, workforce availability, and revenue stream looked promising.

The culture didn’t.

Silo thinking was the rule. Recruiting, Operations, Human Resources, Training, and Information Services each operated as separate entities reporting to their executives in the home office, hundreds of miles away. When conflicts arose, the executives in the home office resolved them.

The results were predictable. Employee turnover rose to over 200 percent. HR interventions to improve communication and leadership training had some effect. Psychometric testing and improved communication between Operations and Recruiting reduced turnover to 120 percent, but by then the culture and reputation had established themselves. The center limped along until the building lease expired and it closed.

Fast forward to today.

The nature of work has changed, and the way people work together to attract and hire talent has become both a predictor of success and its primary driver.

For SuccessFactors customers, two innovations help make improving the relationships possible: service level agreements (SLAs) and SuccessFactors Online Reporting Designer (ORD).

  • The practice of service level agreements (SLAs) migrated from IT to other parts of the business. Forward-thinking companies learned that both internal and external agreements on service design have a significant impact on results.
  • For SuccessFactors customers, ORD provides the data engine that can transform the way you manage recruiting. Data capture and analytics have matured. They are no longer the sole domain of IT geeks and data wizards.

How Better Metrics Improve Recruiting

Your SuccessFactors Online Reporting Designer can help you cut bottlenecks and improve service quality at every point. Consider these examples:

  • Measure time to approve the requisition and pinpoint delays at each step in the process.
  • Capture the efficiency and effectiveness of applicant screening, testing, and interviewing process.
  • Monitor third-party vendor SLAs for every outsourced process.
  • Capture onboarding time to productivity and new hire retention.

A Tool for the Rest of Us

Measuring and analyzing of this data would be a tedious and expensive without automated data capture and reporting tools. SuccessFactors Online Reporting Designer provides all the tools today’s data analyst needs:

  • An easy to use user interface to build reports and dashboards
  • customizable formatting, lists, and pivot data;
  • export to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and PDF; and
  • scheduled reports and email distribution.

With just a little help from your SuccessFactors Admins or your SuccessFactors Partner, you can deliver reports & dashboards.

How to Get Started

Sample reports that we were built using SuccessFactors ORD for measuring Recruiting SLA’s

Partner with your analytics team to make the most of your recruiting measurement initiative. If you don’t have an analytics team, work with your SuccessFactors partner or an SuccessFactors Analytics consultant.


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Written by: Whitaker-Taylor