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SuccessFactors: What's New This Quarter? Q4 2018

Dec 6, 2018 4:59:31 PM / by Sean Flores

As we inch closer to 2019, we are pleased to announce there will be no shortage of useful and beneficial updates and releases to the SAP SuccessFactors Suite. 

Feature Retirement

The new improvements give way to eliminating some features, which are outdated and either no longer supported, or no longer being maintained. The following is a list of some of those eliminated features and the modules they pertain to:

  • GM UI v11 – Goal Management
  • SOC v11 – Succession: ORG Chart
  • Development Plan/Career Worksheet UI v11 – Development/CDP

Although these are just a few of the features to be retired, SAP will grant life to the successors in H1 2019. The primary changes that will take effect will come with the addition of the FIORI theme-based interface, which drastically improves user readability and overall functionality. You can differentiate between the changes below:

SuccessFactors Org ChartFig. 1-Succession Org Chart Changes in SOC UI v11

The above image displays SOC UI v11, and below is SOC UI v12. Notice the difference in functionality, and the removal of the filter display on the left, which gives way for more activity directly in the chart:

SuccessFactors Org Chart

Fig. 2- SOC UI v12, without filter display

For a complete list of all retirements and expirations, visit the SAP customer community.


One of the key enhancements which impacts almost all modules from Performance Management to Goal Management to Career Development Planning is the “Check Tool.”

SuccessFactors check tool

Fig. 3- Check Tool 

The “Check Tool” is a feature which allows the user to validate items which can cause discrepancies or errors in the SuccessFactors system output. Here are a few of the “Check Tool” enhancements in functionality:

  • Performance Management: The check tool, used within the admin center, checks/validates permissions already configured for rating options against expected permissions, and identifies any possible errors or potential errors.
  • Career Development Planning: The check tool within CDP allows for the user to check the configuration settings put forth on the Career Worksheet Template to ensure it can be built out accordingly. It also helps improve the Job Profile Builder integration.

These Admin Opt-In features help make the SuccessFactors HCM Suite even more operational and allow for a smoother configuration process.

Prepare and Wrap-Up

While these enhancements mentioned above catch our eye, the Q4 2018 release provides no shortage of new updates to explore in more depth. As SAP continues to provide more new and exciting innovations, you may find it difficult to keep pace with everything that is new. For a complete list of all releases and updates, you can search here. This update provides not only a glance into every module covered this quarter, but also provides relevant, detailed information on releases moving forward (this requires a customer ID to access). For more general information, click here to view the Q4 release highlights.

Thank you for taking the time today to read our highlights of the Q4 2018 release and please subscribe to Whitaker-Taylor’s Knowledge Center for more information and insight into the SuccessFactors realm.

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Sean Flores
Written by: Sean Flores