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SuccessFactors Performance Management Features: Ask for Feedback vs. Get Feedback

Nov 1, 2018 10:43:09 AM / by Sean Flores

SuccessFactors Performance Management is an ever-growing, advanced cloud-based module designed to improve all facets of the performance process, from goal setting to coaching. The module is a vast, but very user-friendly tool which include some features that help streamline the annual and/or mid-year review process, some development processes, and managing collaborative sessions, via utilization of the ‘Ask for Feedback’ and ‘Get Feedback’ features. These features usher in a more comprehensive, and even more user-friendly experience.

Performance Management Module: Ask for Feedback


Fig. 1- Ask For Feedback

SuccessFactors uses many tools for external and internal collaboration during the performance review process, which can be identified within the Performance Management module. One of these features is called “Ask for Feedback,” which is a new feature released with Performance Management V12, a newer, more user-friendly interface. This manager-accessed only feature makes the performance review process streamlined from start to finish, with less friction internally.

The most progressive function of this tool grants managers the ability to send an email to external users, whether they are in other departments, divisions, or even other organizations. The benefits of this action are abundant, including allowing a more objective perspective on an employee’s performance and development.

While there are many positives to this feature, there are also a few limitations, making it vital that managers remain cautiously aware when requesting feedback from users. Once the limit is reached, requests cannot be sent out and no requests can be cancelled via support. Also, one point to note is that this feature is independent of route map/workflow charting. To view any information requested on the employee via the performance form, the “Supporting Information pod displays all feedback requested, amongst other information relative to the employee.


Fig 2- Ask For Feedback Supporting Pod


Performance Management Module: Get Feedback 


Fig. 3- Get Feedback Admin Functionality

SuccessFactors also uses Form Template Settings with the Performance Management module, within the user instance, in admin center settings, to enable/disable “Get Feedback” functionality. While there are seemingly some similarities in uses for “Ask for Feedback” and “Get Feedback,” the differences are glaring. Firstly, “Get Feedback” includes comments and rating capabilities for users who are included in the performance review process. Secondly, this function is not restricted to just manager use. In addition to these differences, to check to see if a form is out for feedback, the “Team Overview Tab” is selected, as opposed to using a performance pod, which is required for the “Ask for Feedback” feature.  


Fig. 4- Get Feedback Team Overview Functionality

  The Performance Management user interface displays the data and information gathered, using these features, via ‘pods’ and ‘team overview’ access. These ‘feedback’ features, utilized mainly by managers, address a need for total inclusive ratings/commenting, for a more concrete performance process. While many performance cycles can be daunting and tasking, SuccessFactors Performance Management module encompasses processes and features that are spearheading a new era of performance and development management.


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Sean Flores
Written by: Sean Flores