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Happy Employees - Healthy Organization With SAP JAM

Jun 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM / by Whitaker-Taylor

Happy Employees - Healthy OrganizationHave you ever wondered why The Avengers movie attracted billions of viewers and became a big box-office success? If I ask you what it is that you find really interesting about the movie, I am sure you would say, “It’s great to see all the superheroes in one place collaborating as a team and fighting for the same cause!” Right?

Yes, you got it! This blog talks about collaboration and what SAP JAM has to offer for a single, secure and social collaboration platform.


Collaboration is a buzzword and needs no special introduction. However, it’s playing an increasingly important role in today’s dynamic and social workplace. Especially in the enterprise environment, the job of HR professionals connecting people, processes, and information across organizations is always challenging.


SAP JAM provides an intuitive and powerful platform to connect employees together and with customers, partners, information, and applications. SAP JAM is much more than a chatting tool that brings everything together to solve business problems and to drive results.


Bringing everything/everyone together

  • Share information in project groups, teams or departments, and keep up to date by following people and topics.
  • Bring key & complex topics to life by recording videos and share with the team. You can do it within SAP JAM without needing to download any additional software.
  • Crowd-source information and expertise to learn best practices, or to solve problems and complete projects.
  • Appreciate peer resources and expert help by giving kudos and endorsements.


Drive rapid onboarding

  • Let the Enterprise social collaboration connect new hires with the right people and information, thereby shortening the learning time.
  • Create active communities exclusive to new hires where they can connect with other new hires to get tips and hints from those working in the same kinds of jobs or tackling the same kinds of problems.
  • Make that first impression that will have a long-lasting impact on your new-hires. Keep them engaged and connected to your company culture to improve employee retention.
  • As the statistics say, re-recruiting costs you even more than an effective orientation and onboarding process.


Using a solution like SAP JAM, HR departments can achieve the following goals:

  • Get the new hires engaged and productive faster
  • Reduce the cost of training and providing more training
  • Improve structured collaboration and contribution
  • Streamline content and project management


Most organizations, irrespective of the field they are operating in, have issues with employee engagement. Enterprise collaboration is vital to employee engagement, and employee engagement is a key to keeping your people genuinely happy and productive. Ultimately, it is people who inspire people and thus the title “Happy Employees – Healthy Organization”


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Topics: SAP, HR

Written by: Whitaker-Taylor