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What is SAP Fiori and How Can It Benefit My Company?

Aug 19, 2016 7:07:28 PM / by Scott Burton

SAP FioriSAP Fiori is a relative newcomer in the SAP solution space. Fiori (Italian for flower) is the result of a partnership between SAP and Google to design a "simplified user experience" for frequently used applications. Using Fiori your company can provide more user-friendly HR processes for employees, which gives you another tool for attracting and retaining talent.

SAP Fiori applications deliver a user-friendly method to access common SAP software for essential business functions such as approving timesheets and monitoring purchase orders over smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. SAP Fiori is an accumulation of web apps that were developed to be multichannel, for use on both PC and mobile browsers. What this means is now with Fiori, a single instance of the app supports users irrespective of their choice of device.

In this way, Fiori is a significant departure from prior enterprise software user interfaces. Anyone who has worked with business interfaces can testify that, even though they offer a large assortment of capabilities, many turn out to be complicated and cumbersome. SAP Fiori makes business transactions on mobile less complicated, resulting in a truly anytime, anywhere, business environment.

Fiori currently delivers 913 apps across many different lines of business. These apps were chosen by SAP based upon a study they performed on the most prevalent activities customers' users conducted.

Below are just a few examples of Fiori apps for four lines of business:



  • My Time Events
  • My Benefits


  • My Opportunities
  • Analyze Sentiments


  • Adjust Stock
  • Look Up Retail Products

Logistics (SD)

  • Check Price and Availability
  • Track Sales Orders


The SAP Fiori Launchpad is built to function as the entry point for enterprise applications.

SAP Fiori

It enables customers to effortlessly customize what each end user will have access to when signing into the launchpad. For example, all employees throughout the organization would see the HCM applications like My Timesheet, My Leave Requests. Their managers, however, would see these standard employee apps plus the respective approval apps. Managers also would see some analytical applications, which enable them monitor performance of their respective departments.

The SAP Fiori Launchpad also excellently integrates with many other SAP applications, such as SAP Lumira or SAP Design Studio. The Launchpad allows customers to open their own Lumira stories and more advanced dashboards, which permit analyzing essential business KPIs.

Most Fiori applications use standard configuration settings and will support a multitude of process configurations inside the underlying SAP server. So, if an application does not work quite how you want, you can explore its configuration options for a solution. If adjusting the configuration is not sufficient, or if you need custom fields or process customizations that you'll want to show within the app, you can investigate the extensibility guidelines linked from the Fiori applications library.

Today’s employees consider user-friendly mobile technology the norm. They expect it in their personal consumer experiences and carry that expectation for high standards over to the workplace. In the past, many SAP clients have had difficulty providing solid HR apps, but SAP Fiori is now here to provide a robust group of apps with ease-of-use as the leading edge of its design. Take advantage of this resource and maintain your competitive edge as well.


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Scott Burton
Written by: Scott Burton

As the President of Whitaker-Taylor, Scott Burton has managed operations for more than 30 global, national and regional SAP users, spanning the manufacturing, automotive, retail, information systems and energy industries. His range of expertise includes systems implementation, change management, support analysis, project management, and account management.