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SAP SuccessFactors Jam Applications Bridge the Gap for Teams

Feb 28, 2019 11:16:00 AM / by Sean Flores

We are no longer in the age of manual forms, long and tedious workflows, or even drawn-out, inefficient meetings. Instead, we are in the dawn of a new era, where technology is more advanced than ever, bridging the gap between Human Resource Talent Solutions and efficient, user friendly applications and software.

SAP Jam and SuccessFactors is that bridge to put your mind at ease during this transition to the digital world, bringing you more mobile enhancements, right at your fingertips.

SAP Jam Mobile App

The dawn of Facebook and Twitter began in the mid-2000’s decade, which brought a new, revolutionary way to connect with others. As these two would-be superpowers expanded their reach, we brought in the age of social media/social networking. It still seemed, though, as if there was something missing for the working-class person, or even business professional, who wanted to utilize this tech to gain professional advantages and improve their professional standing.

Thus, LinkedIn gained its notoriety and popularity, but there was still a need to bridge the gaps within groups of people, such as the HR department in an organization, or even a group of Science Teachers at the local high school. With this glaring demand shining bright like the morning sun on a Saturday, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Jam have created solutions that bring life to your mobile device.

The New Age Enhancements


You may ask yourself, “Have we seen this before?” or speculate, “These apps are a dime a dozen,” but I’d like to challenge you, how do you know what to expect when you don’t know what tomorrow brings? Well, one of the many enhancements SAP Jam and SuccessFactors brings to the mobile space is the ability to synchronize events, reminders, general activities, and tasks amongst groups. These features impact overall communication, and according to Improving Communication in Virtual Teams, written for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, “Organizational functioning is dependent upon the communicative relationships among individuals within that organization because these relationships facilitate the dissemination of critical information and expertise that enables high performance” (2012). The addition of “push notifications” allows for these to be retrieved and updated as need arises.

Another enhancement brought to you by SAP Jam and SuccessFactors is the ability to take learning courses directly from your phone, which includes course downloading for offline retrieval. Not only is your feed updated with the action items taken, but this can also impact how your performance review is conducted and how goals are measured within SuccessFactors. Explore SAP SuccessFactors Mobile here and extend your HR experience.


Next Steps

As with many social media/social networking applications, there are numerous features and options that go unnoticed to the user, but in 2019, individuals are seeking more and more transparency. SAP Jam, brought to you by SAP SuccessFactors, seeks to advance the age of technology and give you a more advanced, polished product than anything else you may come across. It is vital, when searching for efficiencies internally, that you have operations and processes in place to streamline what you want without sacrificing the positives you already have. You have the questions, and we have the answers.

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Sean Flores
Written by: Sean Flores