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SAP SuccessFactors - Employee Central Integrations

Jan 24, 2018 11:00:00 AM / by Whitaker-Taylor

 SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central has two types of integrations:

  • Internal integrations
  • External integrations

This article will explain more about these two types of integrations.


Employee Central – Internal Integrations

Internal integration within SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central enables you to share data with other SAP SuccessFactors products like Performance Management, Recruiting Management, Onboarding or any of the other SAP SuccessFactors modules.


Internal integration is completed through the HRIS Synchronization. The HRIS Synchronization is a mechanism that synchronizes data from Employee Central to other SAP SuccessFactors products. You can connect to the HRIS Synchronization through the Employee Profile.

As you can see in the figure below the HRIS Synchronization is a one direction update from Employee Central to the User Tables and the Employee Profile.




 As you can see in the second figure below, the User Tables feed the data to the other SAP SuccessFactors products like Performance Management, Compensation, Recruiting Management, etc.




As you can imagine the HRIS Synchronization is completely configurable. You can configure and decide which Employee Central data you want to sync to other SAP SuccessFactors modules. The configuration of the HRIS Synchronization can be done via the Succession Data Model XML or via the Admin Center. From the Admin Center, navigate to Manage Business Configuration, select the corresponding HRIS Element and open up the ‘details’ of the field for which you want to create the HRIS Sync Mapping. See the figure below.




 The HRIS Synchronization is performed by a Sync job. To trigger the Sync job there are three options:

  • Real-Time Sync - as the name suggests this is an automatic trigger
  • HRIS Sync Job - scheduled job in Provisioning
  • EC Data Import - starts after an EC Data import


There are also two types of Sync jobs:

  • Incremental Sync - only syncs records that have changed since the last successful run of the HRIS Sync Job
  • Full Sync - runs the HRIS Sync from a specific date to achieve a full sync


Employee Central – External Integrations

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central also integrates with external systems like the ones from the figure below.



SAP provides out-of-the box integrations with pre-built content for all standard integrations to other SAP solutions or other systems of SAP partners / HR service providers. The advantage of these Productized Integrations is that they will significantly reduce the time, cost and risk to set up and maintain the integrations.

There are four different Productized integrations:


Integration Center

The Integration Center is meant for simple integrations and is designed for Business Users. No technical experience or knowledge is required to use the Integration Center. The Integration Center wizard guides you to set up an integration.


Standard Integration Templates

The preconfigured templates can be adapted and extended to save time and costs. These templates do require more technical experience than the Integration Center.


SAP Cloud Platform Integration

The SAP Cloud Platform is an open-extension platform which simplifies integration with SAP but also non-SAP solutions. It also enables customers to share APIs, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The SAP Cloud Platform is a very powerful platform which a lot of Partners and customers use for integrations.



When using the SAP Cloud Platform, customers can share APIs. It is also possible to create and use custom APIs if required.

We hope this article provides you more information to pick the right Productized Integration for your integration requirement.


If you would like to learn more about the Employee Central Integrations, please contact us at info@whitakertaylor.com

Topics: SuccessFactors, Employee Central, HRIS

Written by: Whitaker-Taylor