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SAP SuccessFactors Q4 Release Overview: Recruiting Marketing and Recruiting Management

Jan 17, 2019 8:09:00 AM / by Estephanos Mekbib

Recruiting Marketing is a module I have grown to cherish and admire. It is the first project I ever worked on with Whitaker Taylor, and it has linked me back to my web development days. As we move forward into the new year, we look back and see the enhancements and updates in Recruiting Marketing and Recruiting Management SAP SuccessFactors has submitted as part of their Q4 2018 product release.

CRM Talent Pool Additional Details Tab

In Recruiting Management, many companies want to have a filter for Generic objects such as Business Units, division and company etc. In the Q4 release, any generic object, both for standard and custom, can be obtained and allocated as an attribute for a talent pool. After these attributes are added, they will be available in the “Talent Pool Create/Edit” page. Using this feature, customers can now define their own personal generic objects and have them available as attributes in talent pools. 

SAP Talent Pool

Fig. 1: Defining Personal Generic Objects in Talent Pools


Fig. 2: Talent Pool Details and Criteria

Job Analyzer Tool Feedback Buttons

In the Recruiting Management (RCM) Q4 2017 release, the Job Analyzer tool was released to help in the creation and effectiveness of requisitions. The Job Analyzer tool provides different perspectives on the influence of a content in a requisition. It also provides feedback on the effectiveness of a job description by helping create the best job description possible by taking gender, biases, and gender biased words as parameters in formulating job descriptions. In the Q4 2018 release, the Job Analyzer feedback button has been added so that the user can input his/her suggestions on topics such as salary recommendations and gender words alternatives. The Job Analyzer tool was designed by combining SAP Machine Learning Techniques together with historical applicant data to trace any gender-biased languages.  The feature helps enable clients to master a successful hiring process and attain the best practices in the recruiting market.

CSB: Add Hex Code to Color Picker

In Recruiting Marketing Career Site builder, consultants no longer need to go back and forth to change or guess colors. Rather, SAP SuccessFactors has added a hex color selection as part of its Q4 2018 SuccessFactors release that enables users/consultants to create their own custom colors by specifying the exact name and color code.

SAP Recruiting Marketing Hex Code Picker

Fig. 3: Recruiting Marketing Hex Code Color Picker


The above releases are only few of many releases updated in the Q4 2018. Some of the other releases in recruiting which are worth mentioning are:

  • Job Board Integration Requests – customers can now request up to 10 new jobs boards to be integrated to the job market place.
  • RMK Analytics Redesign – a new efficient user experience has been developed by SAP for Recruiting Marketing Advanced analytics.
  • Branded Manual Emails – branded emails can now be manually created and sent to candidates.

SAP SuccessFactors has introduced other minor enhancements and the full Q4 release is available on the SuccessFactors community portal. I look forward to reviewing the many upcoming releases that will be submitted soon as we continue our partnership with SAP SuccessFactors. Please subscribe to Whitaker-Taylor’s Knowledge Center for more information and insight into the SuccessFactors realm.

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Estephanos Mekbib
Written by: Estephanos Mekbib