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SAP JAM: Collaborative Tool: Integrations and Innovations

Dec 27, 2018 8:47:00 AM / by Sean Flores

What is SAP JAM Collaboration? Simply put, this is a social networking solution designed for many purposes including creating blogs, sharing images and documentation, assigning learning tasks, and even scheduling meetings and other events. Given this information, we may ask, “Why is SAP JAM right for us?”

The answer is simple: as there are no shortage of customizable options, SAP JAM continues to grow, expanding to include integrations with SuccessFactors modules, as well as with third party applications such as Microsoft, SharePoint, and many more. One of the key integrations, which helps to encapsulate the full functionality of SAP JAM, is with SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System.

 SAPJam learning management whitaker taylor

Fig. 1: SAP JAM Groups

Integration with LMS

The Learning Management System uses machine learning algorithms to personalize the learning and development experience. This “continuous” learning gives way for a complete, 360-degree experience. We are aware of the integration with Performance and Goals, via the Goal Plan, as well as its reporting capabilities that tell us not only how the training was delivered, but also where it was delivered (i.e. E-learning, classroom, etc.). One of the most rapidly evolving facets of integration we have in the SuccessFactors realm is SAP JAM’s integration with LMS.

As a user of the system, you can post learning activities directly on your JAM feed as well as engage in open dialogue and discuss the activities for a more well-rounded approach to social learning. Instructors can also post content/course information, as well as endorse employees based on class participation. By enabling mentoring relationships, you connect employees to recognized experts in order to maximize the collaborative process.

Below you can see the full integration via SAP JAM on the user interface:


 Fig. 2: SAP JAM LMS Integration

Preparing for JAM

SAP JAM offers great, new innovations in the social networking space. To take advantage of the SAP JAM integration with LMS and all of the learning activities, you must have either the Advance, Advanced Plus, or Enterprise editions enabled. This will ensure full functionality with maximum customizations. Also, today’s workforce is fast-paced, and learning occurs more “on-the-go” than ever. As SAP JAM continues to expand in functionality, you can also look forward to new and improved mobile functions for the purposes of increased employee engagement and effective direct communication.


Fig. 3:SAP JAM Mobile Snapshot


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Sean Flores
Written by: Sean Flores