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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing Overview 

Jul 1, 2016 2:59:30 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor


RecrutingMarketing.jpgRecruiting Marketing is not new to the SuccessFactors ecosystem.  However, it’s a module that has been underutilized, or perhaps not even discovered, by many customers.  But because of the new Career Site Builder (CSB), I believe use of Recruiting Marketing will now aggressively expand.  CSB is a  tool within the RMK module that allows customers to have full control over their career sites.  This independence makes the Recruiting Marketing module more attractive.


Recruiting Marketing is a SuccessFactors module that allows customers to engage and find the best talent in the marketplace.  It is a highly useful supporting module that, along with its brother, Recruiting Management (RCM), allows sourcing, candidate engagement and candidate management to happen in one platform. Recruiting Marketing offers an enhanced careers website, strong mobile technology, multi-channel job postings and social networks integrations.

About Recruiting Marketing

The Recruiting Marketing module has been getting lots of attention now that customers have the ability to maintain full governance of their enhanced careers sites. Previously, this module was heavily dependent on the SuccessFactors service delivery team for any type of updates that needed to be done to the career site.  With the new Career Site Builder (CSB), after the initial implementation, customers can edit their own career sites with minimal support, as can currently be done with Recruiting Management.  Recruiting Marketing, however, offers an enhanced version.

In the past, SuccessFactors completely controlled the delivery of the Career Site Builder tool because of the level of complexity.  Now, SuccessFactors partners can implement Recruiting Management, which includes the new platform for Career Site Builder.  After the initial implementation, each administrator can take full ownership of almost all functions of the module.

Career Site Builder

One of the beauties of this module is that it allows the career site to grab all job postings from your Applicant Tracking System – hopefully SuccessFactors Recruiting Management (RMK) – and make them searchable and scrapable by search engines. This function really enhances the opportunity for your jobs openings to be viewed by the best talent out there.

As mentioned above, SuccessFactors Recruiting Management module already offers the ability to create an external career site. However, it is limited and misses some key functionalities, such as being searchable and scrapable by search engines.  With Recruiting Marketing though,  everything revolves around the career site.

With the new Career Site Builder, your organization will have the opportunity to include all the following features, as well as many more:

  • Home Page
  • Strategy Pages
  • Different Company Pages
  • SEO Pages
  • Interactive Job Map Page
  • Job Description Pages
  • Subscribe and Apply Business Cards
  • Talent Community Emails
  • Mobile Site
  • Ability to create advanced reports, dashboards and analytics

There are also other big features like language packs and additional content.  All of these features allow SuccessFactors users to easily engage with job candidates online, wherever they may be and to simplify establishing and nurturing relationships with the best candidates.  I predict that Recruiting Marketing will certainly be in the top three of the most popular modules that SuccessFactors can offer now that customers have the ability to manage the new and powerful Career Site Builder for themselves. 


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Topics: SuccessFactors, Recruiting Marketing

Written by: Whitaker-Taylor