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Quick look at SuccessFactors Q1 2017 Release

Feb 8, 2017 10:06:21 AM / by Whitaker-Taylor

Q1_Release.jpgWith the SAP SuccessFactors Q1 2017 Release around the corner, companies can expect to enhance customer experience, bridge functionality gaps and broaden their base with new, exciting features.

Here goes my list of some exciting features from this release - 


Draft option for Offer Letter:

Recruiting users can now save a working draft of offer letters with the click of a button. This enhancement is a life-saver for recruiters. It allows you to make adjustments and updates in offer letters before rolling out the final offer to candidates. This is a Universal enhancement.

Recruiting Posting Cost Analysis:

This is for customers using Recruiting Posting. A handy option for recruiters to see how much a posting will cost on the job boards (Monster, Careerbuilder) they selected, enabling them to monitor their budget on the spot. 


Paperwork on iPhone:

New hires can now complete the New Employee step (NES), not just signing the forms but also completing the panels, on iPhone. This is only supported on Apple Safari for iOS X +, and ‘DocuSign with Remote Signing’ is a pre-requisite. This is a Universal enhancement.

Updates to compliance forms:

Over the past 2 months, SuccessFactors has updated a variety of onboarding forms, including US I-9 & Canada TD1, to stay compliant with government rules and regulations. This is a Universal enhancement.

A big thanks to all the teams involved in quickly delivering these changes with high quality.


Approval for User Self-Recorded Learning Events:

A new configuration option controls whether a user-recorded learning event should go through an approval process. You can configure this option to require approval only for internal or external events. This is an Opt-in feature.

Catalog Enhancements:

SuccessFactors updated the learning catalog design and added new functionality.

  • A reason will be displayed for featured courses to help users gain more insight.
  • A pre-requisite layout displaying pre-requisites and user’s status in meeting them.
  • A display of instructor led sessions for OCN courses.


  • Performance review process is now available on both iPhone and Android. Please note that as of Q1 2017 release only limited functionality is available to users. PM v12 Acceleration is a pre-requisite for this opt-in feature.
  • Learning users can search for courses in the Learning Catalog on their iPhones.
  • Users can sort candidates by interview dates, names and add filters to a list of unrated candidates for Candidate Assessment in Recruiting.

Though some of these features are enticing, we suggest customers to test them in their preview environments prior to enabling them in production. All upgrades from the upcoming Q1 2017 release are available on Preview instances on 10th February 2017, and will be rolled to Production instances on 11th March 2017.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list but some of my favorite picks. If you are interested to learn more, we are just a click away


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Written by: Whitaker-Taylor