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SuccessFactors LMS: Personalized Learning Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Feb 21, 2019 1:57:25 PM / by Arti Khatwani

What makes a great shopping experience on Amazon? When we shop, we get smart recommendations based on our previous purchases or our search history. We also receive product suggestions from similar users who purchased items like our recent purchases. And all this is empowered by machine learning in the back end.

Wouldn’t it be great if your LMS system could recommend courses based on your needs and interests, just like we get recommendations on Amazon? Organizations can implement Learning Management Systems with the motive of ensuring continuous learning.  While there are some courses assigned by managers and learning admins from time to time, the expectation is that users should also leverage the system by searching and taking the available courses. How cool would it be if instead of searching from the catalog, the system would recommend relevant courses based on each user’s interests and learning history?

SuccessFactors LMS is now capable of providing personalized learning recommendations with the help of SAP’s machine learning engine Leonardo.  A new recommendation tile on the LMS home page displays a list of courses as recommendations and the suggestions are made based on two components:

1. Popular with Peers: What is popular among your peers? The system recommends courses based on the learning history of similar users. Similarity in users is defined by job code, department, etc. The system tracks what are the most popular courses among users in a department, business unit, or a job code and makes recommendations based on that.


Fig. 1: LMS Recommendations Tile

2. Topic-Related Recommendations: Users must select topics of interest from a list of topics as an initial exercise. The engine generates a list of topics that may be useful based on the user’s interests. Once the Users have subscribed to the topics, the system then updates and recommends courses over time based on those interests.

SAP topic related recomendationsFig. 2: Topic Recommendations

Recommendation tile is one way to suggest courses, and the other way is through Newsletters or Notification emails. SuccessFactors Learning Management System supports sending Notifications/Newsletters to users to let them know about new available courses. In previous versions, these notifications used to be same for everyone organization wide, yet now the System supports adding personalized learning recommendations in the Newsletters.

This is a very new feature, and it benefits companies for continued education. SAP SuccessFactors customers can express interest by filling out a form and SuccessFactors will then contact the qualifying customers.

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Topics: SuccessFactors, SAP, HR, LMS, Machine Learning

Arti Khatwani
Written by: Arti Khatwani