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People Profile - A New User Experience

Apr 12, 2018 12:31:43 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor

If you have ever looked at the Employee Profile within SuccessFactors and thought, “It is nice, but could use a bit more,” you are in luck. People Profile is an updated user interface that looks a bit livelier. Instead of a separate "public profile" page, People Profile uses a collapsible page header that is fully configurable and permission-controlled. All the information and functionality on your existing employee profile are now available on the single, unified People Profile page, or can be accessed immediately in a dialog window. Administrators can use a convenient drag-and-drop configuration tool to set up the People Profile and manage its content and layout. This feature requires Employee Profile, V12 User Interface, and Role-Based Permissions.


First off, we will start looking at some items from the original:


Figure 1: Employee File

Notice right off the bat that a good portion of information is available, but this screenshot shows at least two clicks to get to all this information. This is fine and all, but why not have all this information ready to go at once? This moves us to the People Profile.



Figure 2: People Profile Layout


Look at the red boxes and the arrows drawn to them. The moment you arrive at the People Profile, you can access all the information about an employee that you have permission to view. You have the option of clicking once at the top or scrolling for a bit to arrive at the desired heading. A bonus comes in the form of mobile user compatibility. Attempting to look at the original setup on mobile caused some formatting issues but switching to the people profile allows the page to scale to your specific screen size. As users migrate to using just the mobile platform, I call this a win in my book.


Figure 3: Career Information at your fingertips.


 Having People Profile shakes things up for your employee file. Doing this will streamline your information for easy access in a clean user interface. If you have any questions, please reach out to us here at Whitaker-Taylor to schedule a session so we can upgrade and customize your SuccessFactors instance to your liking.



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Written by: Whitaker-Taylor