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Optimize Your Recruiting Process with SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting

Dec 20, 2018 2:06:28 PM / by Ryan Flynn

Are you familiar with all that SuccessFactors has to offer in the Recruiting bundle? Did you know that in recent years SuccessFactors has come out with a new module called Recruiting Posting to help ease the job posting process when using multiple job boards? Recruiting is a billion-dollar business with the bulk of that money being spent outside the recruiting technology – on talent sourcing, agencies, etc.

With SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting, companies can continue to benefit from that big investment, and help your company remain as not only a market competitor, but also a leader in talent acquisition with the newly innovative functionality that Recruiting Posting has to offer.  

What is Recruiting Posting?

In short, Recruiting Posting, formerly known as Multiposting, is a comprehensive feature to post jobs to multiple, or global, job boards at once. Recruiters can now easily post jobs to selected job boards that your company is licensed with in just a few clicks. This is a separate module that can be implemented as a stand-alone, or integrated with both Recruiting Management and Recruiting Marketing. Additionally, Recruiting Posting uses advanced and secure job board integrations to completely eliminate job posting errors that can be caused by unreliable manual posting. Sounds great right? Let’s uncover some of the features included with Recruiting Posting.

Recruiting posting success factors whitaker taylor

Fig. 1: Multiposting Option

Vast Amount of Sources

Recruiting Posting has over 4,000 integrated sources worldwide, spanning over 80 countries all immediately ready for posting, including more than 2,500 schools and universities in over 30 countries! That’s a lot of posting to do with just a few clicks! Additionally, the posting supports the ability to post jobs in multiple languages, giving you the flexibility and ease of use when posting jobs to multiple countries at once, or to multilingual countries. SuccessFactors keeps up-to-date records of their current active job board and school lists online in the SF Community. Be sure to check it out and see what boards you might be using.


Fig. 2: Job Board Options

Job Posting Credit System

As mentioned, Recruiting Posting will work with free job boards you have signed up with, or job boards you have purchased a license for. Jobs can be posted by using two types of credits: Job Board credits and Recruiting Posting credits.

Paid job boards will require Job Board credits and are consumed each time you post a position to a Job Board. The number of credits required or used varies from board to board. Free job boards will typically not require Job Board credits; however, this may vary from site to site. Recruiting Posting credits are used to process one posting workflow on several Job Boards. These RP Credits are purchased based on the number of licenses or users with the module and are generally valid for 1 calendar year.

How to Post a Job with Recruiting Posting

  1. 1. Select the “Job Postings” option from the approved requisition and post externally

Recruiting Module SAP Success Factors

Fig. 3: Paid Job Board Credits Interface


  1. 2. Once posted externally, on the Job Posting screen, select the “Post and Manage Jobs” under the Job Board Posting – Recruiting Posting option
  2. Recruiting Posting Job Board Posting SAP SuccessFactors
  3. Fig. 4: Post and Manage
  4. 3. Select a Posting Profile. These profiles are job posting entities assigned to one or more recruiting users. These profiles include tailored job board setups, Recruiting Posting credits, and predefined job posting field data.
  1. 4. Select the necessary job boards

 5. Fill in the necessary fields for each job board:

  1. RecruitingWT5Fig. 5: Job Boards Postings 
  2. 6. Review, confirm, and Post your job to all selected job boards! Once this is complete and jobs are posted, you can manage and view all requisition status and actions for each job board in the Recruiting Posting Menu.

Additionally, Recruiting Posting can have further enhanced capabilities when integrated with other SuccessFactors recruiting modules. Some of these capabilities include automated RMK tracking of posting and source data, flexibility with posting profiles and field entry, and auto user sync between Recruiting Posting and Recruiting Management in SuccessFactors.

Overall, Recruiting Posting is truly designed to integrate with your current recruiting system in SuccessFactors, help reduce time and ease the job posting process, and optimize your recruiting metrics as whole. As mentioned, this is a separate module, and can now be implemented by SAP or by support partners in a project typically averaging about 4-6 weeks.

If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out for further information!

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Ryan Flynn
Written by: Ryan Flynn