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Top 5 Global Benefits of SuccessFactors

Jul 29, 2019 12:20:07 PM / by Sean Flores

Human Resources, as a practice, is ever evolving and growing exponentially. As it becomes more intuitive, we seek to find a way to keep pace with its new direction. This is how SuccessFactors can help:


1. Quarterly releases can put the “power” into your hands


This year, we have seen and will see many updates to the SuccessFactors system that allow you, the HR personnel, to have a direct impact on the end user experience. Among the fastest growing modules within SuccessFactors, none give the end user more control than Employee Central. For instance, with the evolution of Employee Central you are now able to create and manage business rules which utilize standard, as well as custom data fields.


This is a feature controlled by the MetaData Framework to allow for dynamic manipulation within your instance. By managing the Time Account type, you can control time accrued, manage breaks, and so much more. Each quarter, you are given more tools to enhance your system, and with that, you can keep your system running at an optimal level.  


2. Complete management of your digital system


There are many solutions that contribute to the effectiveness of your talent product(s). One of the most asked questions regarding differences in access and support between the consultant (partner) and end user (you), is how can you have more control of your talent product(s)? SuccessFactors not only answers that question but gives you the power to seek solutions. One of the most utilized solutions is Total Performance Management.


This time a year ago, almost everything from configuration to launching procedures were accessible and controlled only by your SuccessFactors Partner. As end users, you now possess the control the aesthetics of your processes, how they operate, buttons operations, and even detailed configurations such as item level and section level permissions. With this capability, and the addition of SAP Fiori, you can also better track and audit your Performance system changes, leaving the experience even more enhanced.


3. Matches leading HR Practices

Not only is SuccessFactors expansive, but it also boasts the capability to handle the largest of enterprises. The tech industry is the fastest growing industry to-date. Human Resources, continues to evolve as well, leaving it among the fastest growing professional fields. SuccessFactors is the perfect marriage between the two, helping to spearhead a new wave of Human Resource practices.

Let’s analyze this from a historical perspective. Typically, performance reviews were/are among the most bittersweet of activities for an HR professional. Tracking multiple employees’ progress, analyzing individual and team-based comprised ratings, and even building out a way to report on all changes with limited capabilities to adjust to dynamic changes can all seem a bit daunting. We can introduce SuccessFactors, which is specifically designed to be a “one-stop-shop” for your company’s performance needs. As a standalone unit of SAP, SuccessFactors ensures with each passing release, you have access to a breadth of knowledge, as well as other partnering tools such as customer community.


4. Access to SAP


The success of SuccessFactors is largely predicated on its connection with SAP. As stated previously, SuccessFactors is a standalone entity of SAP, but performs ideally because of its inclusion within the SAP community. Some of the enhanced capabilities include SuccessFactors Mobile enhancements, large cloud-based memory bank, as well as increased analytical functions.


Let’s take a dive as to how SAP’s mobile capabilities boost the end-users experience. You as the HR professional have access to a communication tool, which improves internal/group communication, boosts learning activities, and even allows for collaboration. This product, which can be integrated into your SuccessFactors environment, is SAP Jam. It is built specifically to improve collaboration and networking.


5. Improved auditing capabilities


One of the most pivotal actions HR personnel are responsible for is reducing system error. Not only does SuccessFactors provide a secure database by which to track system changes, but you are also able to ensure each module operates at maximum efficiency. As with all things maintained exclusively by humans, there are bound to be countless errors. SuccessFactors provides a medium where your intervention is limited. Upon said intervention, you are also able track any possible inconsistencies with one centralized tool: Check Tool.



As you become familiar with SuccessFactors, you will come to learn of the available support tools available to assist you, such as Customer Support and ticketing procedures. The Check Tool puts the power of autonomy in your hands. It is essentially a tool to not only diagnose a problem but provides possible solutions systemically. SuccessFactors also provides a Check Tool Handbook, which explains in detail how far the tool can improve system accuracy.

Human Resources continues to expand, so why not utilize a system that can alleviate those daunting tasks. SuccessFactors, as demonstrated above, has countless benefits, to ensure your company’s accuracy, security, and efficiency. While this is a concentrated list, this does in no way limit the expansiveness of SuccessFactors.

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Sean Flores
Written by: Sean Flores