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Key Things to Look for in the Q2 SuccessFactors System Upgrades

Jun 11, 2019 11:58:45 AM / by Whitaker-Taylor

Major changes are coming to SuccessFactors, and if you’re a Whitaker-Taylor client or another company using the software, you should understand how these changes affect you. New upgrades will take place for the Succession Org Chart & Matrix Grids v12, MDF Talent Pools, and Talent Search v2. Previous versions were automatically updated in preview instances on May 31st and will be ready for full production instances on June 29th.


If you’ve been paying attention to the notifications, you may have already made the switch yourself in SuccessFactors’ upgrade center. However, if this is the first time you’re hearing the news, or you’ve just had too much on your plate to think about the impending updates, this article is for you! In this post, we will explain exactly what changes are taking place, how your organization will be affected, and what you need to do to migrate your system.


What Upgrades to Expect


Succession Org Chart & Matrix Grids


The v12 Succession Org Chart will premiere in Q2 2019 as the latest version of the Succession Org Chart. Changes to the functionality of the software include:


  • Version 12 will only support a formless nomination
  • Successor details will be available in Talent Card
  • Rating Trend Information will appear in the Talent Card – Grid Matrix Section (Performance & Potential and Competency & Objective)
  • You will only be able to sort successors by readiness and rank. Sorting by name is no longer an available option.
  • Talent Flags on Position Node will now support Icons and Gradient for Readiness and Bench Strength


For more detailed information on the changes taking place with v12 of the Succession Org Chart and its functionalities, please refer to the section titled “Succession Org Chart” under Succession Implementation and Administration on SAP’s website.


MDF Talent Pools

MDF Talent Pools

In the current version of Talent Pool, Talent Pool nomination supports both Legacy and MDF. In version 2.0, talent pool will manage nominations only for MDF.


Talent Search v2

Talent Search v2

Talent Search v2 features a completely new talent search functionality with an impressive suite of new enhancements. Upgrades include:


  • New search form UI: An up-to-date interface that offers faceted filters, a more modern look, the ability to add user photos, unlimited scroll capabilities, a floating action menu, and more.
  • Faceted filters on results: This feature allows the user to interface with the search results page and utilizes real-time filters on any generated results
  • Broader actions on results: The results page now includes actions that allow you to nominate to succession plans, as well as talent pools
  • Support for multi-select searches: Features capability for choosing multi-select dropdown values so that the user can run numerous searches using the search form
  • Innovative Permission Model: This feature is relevant to users with Role-based Permissions and allows the option to roll out Talent Search throughout the organization without compromising data privacy and security.


How Will My Business Be Affected?


For those who have not already migrated their data to the new versions of the software, SuccessFactors will apply universal automatic updates on June 29th. This means that users will lose old talent pool and nomination data.


SuccessFactors reps strongly suggest switching as soon as possible. You should download your old talent pool and nomination data before making the switch to avoid losing critical information during migration.


How Do I Make the Switch?


Customers should visit SuccessFactors’ Upgrade Center to make the switch. You can view a step-by-step guide for migrating your system on the Help Page of SAP’s website.


Stay tuned for more insights on how to effectively transition to a mobile workforce!

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Written by: Whitaker-Taylor