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4 Ways to Maximize Your SAP HCM Investment in Route to the Cloud

May 17, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Whitaker-Taylor


SAP HCM On-Premise - Transition to SuccessFactorsI know many firms are still using On-Premise SAP HCM, and a number of you may be using on-premise for a while.  However, many are now considering moving towards SuccessFactors. Whether you plan to transition in the next few months or longer down the road, you will want to lay the groundwork for a smooth changeover.  Consider these four ways to maximize your current SAP HCM On-Premise investment in route to the cloud. 

  1. 1. Examine your current HR business processes. Now is a good time to take a look at best practices and determine how to incorporate them into your firm.  Look for ways to simplify your HR business processes and to standardize them across the company.  Streamlining and standardization will positively impact your current on-premise investment.  Even more importantly, these practices lay the foundation for a future migration to SuccessFactors, which does not allow as much customization as the on-premise solution. 
  1. 2. Take steps to ensure accurate data. Remember the old adage, “garbage in, garbage out.”  Well it holds true here because your system is only as good as the data that goes into it. Bad data negatively your reporting and analytics, as well as your interfaces to vendors and other business areas, including finance.  Make sure you have all the proper edits in place to prevent inaccurate data from entering your system.  Create audit reports to help weed out bad data.  Then use the reports for ongoing monitoring to maintain accurate data.      
  1. 3. Maintain a healthy system backbone. Remember that Management is the backbone of your SAP system, so you need it to feel good and properly function. If your spine is out of alignment, then your whole body will suffer.  The same holds true for your organizational structure, which it affects. 

Remember, the good thing about SAP is it is highly integrated, and the bad thing about SAP is it is highly integrated.  This is especially true for org management and your org structure.  Nothing is worse than having a confidential performance review go to the wrong person because your workflow uses an inaccurate org structure.  Just as you would go to a chiropractor to get your back adjusted, so should you do adjustments to your org structure to make sure it’s healthy and perfectly reflects your company’s structure.   And once it is healthy, incorporate best practices to keep it that way!     

  1. 4. Invest in a service provider who can support you in both SAP On-Premise and in the cloud. Why bring in somebody new down the road during a transition to the cloud, someone with a learning curve to understand your company and its business processes?  Do your homework now, and find a partner who can support your on-premise solution today and can help you migrate to the cloud in the future.  This upfront investment will save you time, money, and headaches later.

Even if your company has no definite plans to move to SuccessFactors, the advice in this article still has value for you.  They are good practices in general. These four areas can help you improve now, and will position you for a successfu transition to the cloud, should that change happen sooner or later. 

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Why Your HRIS Strategy Needs a Health Check

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Written by: Whitaker-Taylor