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SuccessFactors Learning Management Tools for Efficient Training Administration

Aug 26, 2016 2:16:27 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor

SuccessFactors Learning Management Tools for Efficient Training AdministrationAll organizations today have a continuously growing need to develop employee skills and track growth by assessing competencies and training completions. In large organizations, learning and development administration is a mammoth and time consuming task that involves assigning appropriate training to targeted groups, building and delivering training content, and recording, assessing and reporting training completions. Consequently, organizations find themselves either with a large, expensive administrative team or a small, over-worked team that struggles to get everything done.

SuccessFactors learning management system (LMS) module can help. It is one of the most highly configurable applications out there, allowing users to manage a comprehensive learning program in an easier, more streamlined way. Keep reading and discover some of the useful tools that help LMS administrators be more productive and efficient.

  • Automated Learning Assignments

SuccessFactors LMS offers assignment profiles, an automated way to assign training to employees or a group of employees who share the same training needs. The assignment profile is based on several attributes like division, department, and job role/job code or it can be customized specifically for a group. The assignment profiles feature reduces a ton of effort spent by administrators manually assigning training to employees.

SuccessFactors LMS can also be configured to assign or remove automatically the training from an employee’s learning plan when his or her job position changes due to a promotions or transfer. The administrator, therefore, doesn’t have to spend time deleting the old training assignments and reassigning trainings relevant to a new job position.

  • Recording Learning Events

Sometimes an administrator or instructor will need to record an on-the-job or external training learning event in the system in order to grant employees credit for training completion or to track the costs associated with trainings for an employee. Fortunately, SuccessFactors LMS provides multiple out-of-the box, easy-to-use learning completion recording tools. Administrators no longer have to expend effort externally tracking these learning events. Additionally, once the learning event is recorded, it is available for each user for future recording further enhancing efficiency.

  • Learning Event Editor

Another powerful LMS tool is the learning event editor, which allows an administrator to edit a recorded learning event for an employee. Let’s say you have an employee who attended an instructor-led class, but joined late and missed the sign-in sheet and is marked as a no show in the system. The learning even editor lets you change the record to show that the employee did attend the event.


Another situation where the learning event editor is helpful is when an organization has mandatory trainings and requires documentation of the training completion certificate. The pharmaceutical industry, for example, usually has such requirements. Using the editor tool, the administrator can easily attach the completion certificate to the learning event in SuccessFactors LMS, eliminating two silo tracking systems.

  • e-Learning Content Import Tool

Most organizations provide employees with the flexibility of self-paced, interactive online trainings. They usually rely on third-party content providers for training content development, which involves significant administrative effort to upload and validate the content. SuccessFactors, however, provides a learning content management system (LCMS) out of the box. It comes with 25GB of content storage and a powerful import tool which allows administrators to quickly upload the training content in a few simple steps. The import tool also takes care of some standard content validations. These tools help eliminate dependency on third-party content vendors to set up the content in SuccessFactors LMS.

To use these tools, administrators can power search for the following terms in SuccessFactors Learning:

  • Record Learning – Multiple
  • Record Learning – Financial


  • Reports and Scheduling

SuccessFactors LMS makes more than 90 standard reports available out of the box to users. These reports can help administrators with various functions including tracking training and exam completions and reporting employee learning plan progress, learning history or training status. Additionally, if you have a need for custom reports, there is an easy-to-use online report designer tool for building ones that meet your individual needs.


SuccessFactors LMS offers users powerful tools to manage a continuously expanding learning and training system. It is also flexible enough to meet the specialized needs of your organization. Leveraging these tools can yield significant efficiencies for your administrative team, regardless of size.


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