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Everything You Need to Know About SAP WorkZone for HR (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

Jan 8, 2021 12:00:00 PM / by Kristy Walsh

What is it?

SAP WorkZone for HR provides a personalized and intuitive digital workplace experience for ALL employees (not just HR). It provides easy access to relevant business apps and processes, information, and communication using one unified entry point with the employee as the focus. This tool empowers employees to easily find and complete processes that traditionally require going into various applications, entering multiple support tickets, and having numerous conversations.

In sum:

  • It is personalized
  • It is in one integrated place
  • It offers smart recommendations by providing contextual guidance to information
  • It is available on any device


Why should I use it?

SAP WorkZone for HR makes working simpler, which will vastly improve employee engagement and the overall employee digital experience. This in turn increases employee retention and productivity. It connects employees through communication, communities, and personalized guided experiences.



Examples of the Home and MyWorkspace pages in SAP WorkZone for HR

What is the difference between this and the new SuccessFactors Home Page?

The new SAP SuccessFactors Home Page is the entry point for the SuccessFactors tool and is available to all SuccessFactors customers. This new Home Page does not act as a portal in the way SAP WorkZone for HR does. SAP WorkZone for HR is intended to be an entry point for all employee needs including almost 200 third-party applications such as MS Teams, SharePoint, or Google Drive.

What is the difference between SAP WorkZone for HR and SAP Jam?

SAP WorkZone for HR capabilities will do much more than what a portal or intranet can – it allows for a true digital workplace. SAP Jam customers will continue to be supported on bug fixes and compliance modifications, but the future is with SAP WorkZone for HR. This new tool delivers several different and new capacities in one consistent solution such as a single-entry point for SAP and non-SAP applications, orchestration including guided experiences (workflows), collaboration and content in the form of workspaces, knowledge bases, and a full content management system, and mobile access.


Another example of integrated information tailored for the employee in SAP WorkZone for HR

What are the technical requirements?

SAP WorkZone for HR requires Identity Authentication Service (IAS). Every SAP SuccessFactors customer is entitled to IAS so no separate subscription is required. Customers must also have at least one SAP SuccessFactors product.

This sounds great - I want to learn more!

Fantastic! If you’d like to learn more about SAP WorkZone for HR or how to better utilize your SuccessFactors system in general, please email info@whitakertaylor.com and we will schedule a time for you to chat with our team.


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Kristy Walsh
Written by: Kristy Walsh