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SAP SuccessFactors Technical Innovations: Artificial Intelligence Implications in the HR Workspace

Nov 22, 2018 9:07:00 AM / by Estephanos Mekbib

The evolution of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has influenced numerous sectors of the business industry starting from the implementation of chatbots, robots, and virtual assistants to even threatening to replace the most elite consultants. But instead of being fearful, it is up to businesses and SuccessFactors HR professionals to modify Artificial Intelligence for maximum satisfaction user opportunities.

Taking a deep dive into the AI bots cultivated by SuccessFactors and their impact in the Human Resource workspace will attempt to answer the million-dollar question of whether AI is a blessing or curse to the SuccessFactors HR workspace.


Chatbots are modern customer/conversational mediums, where a computer program is created to initiate conversations with human users in a textual manner. In SAP SuccessFactors, these online chatbot tools save time and effort by providing answers to customers 24/7, using the machine learning algorithm implanted in their software. Chatbots in SuccessFactors are created for ideal conversations between SuccessFactors and Employees with the automatic interaction acting as the third party. The Kore.ai bot is a SuccessFactors chatbot that analyzes time off related questions for employees. Instead of employees logging in and going through the whole process of accessing their timesheet in the SuccessFactors instance, the chatbots can provide quick automatic prompts and answers for time off related questions. 


You can think of chatbots as text-based Siri or Alexa that aid in everyday activities by communicating with systems, people and databases. A SuccessFactors employee may ask his/her leave balance, can submit a leave request, or get an approval from a project manager by conversing with the Kore.ai chatbot. The process flow occurs in a way that first, the user makes the request, then it is analyzed and processed by the Artificial intelligence (chatbot) after that the response is finalized using a conversational strategy.



The chatbot impersonates conversation with a real human being and relies on the queries implanted in its built-in machine learning algorithm. The queries are processed by the SAP SuccessFactors recast AI tool, which are retrieved from Employee Central Time Off and Performance and Management modules. The chatbots can also be configured for other SAP SuccessFactors modules. For example, a few queries for Employee Central can be “Would you like to request an annual leave?” or “How many annual leaves have been carried from this year?” These automated queries enhance the user/customer experience and improve efficiency and management. 

Benefits of Chatbots

Chatbots are of immense importance to SAP SuccessFactors HR.  Some of the its benefits include:

  • Employee questions are answered by an automatic virtual HR partner
  • Less time and effort are spent in logging into the SAP SuccessFactors Instance
  • Increased efficiency in the HR department by having a 24/7 virtual assistant

Are AI and its innovations taking jobs of employees in SAP SuccessFactors HR?

Personally, I believe Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are not taking the jobs of employees, but revolutionizing and creating more precise workforce decisions. The main goal of a business or any employee working for a business should be to maximize productivity, increase efficiency, and minimize time and effort needed to complete given tasks. Artificial Intelligence provides these cornerstones for job sectors and takes of the huge burden off of individuals having to deal with routine questions. Chatbots specifically will handle the resolution of routine questions and will convert the workload into operating on more complex and demanding issues.

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Topics: SuccessFactors, SAP, HR, Performance and Goals

Estephanos Mekbib
Written by: Estephanos Mekbib