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Amazing SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management & Goals Features to Try Next Cycle

Aug 29, 2018 10:00:00 AM / by Lewis Strickland

Whether your organization is continuously modifying their SuccessFactors performance forms or you decide to keep the same performance form template year after year, there are some small changes you can make that will have a big impact. As you begin to have your annual performance form conversations, be sure to include these 5 features below in the discussions.


Attach Documents

As part of the Performance Form V12 upgrade, SAP released the performance pods to support the performance process. The Supporting Information pod is best known for storing feedback from “Ask For Feedback”, but did you know it can also be used to add attachments to the form? This feature can be permissioned to the required role(s) along your performance form route map.



EZ Rater

Another feature available in the PM V12 forms is the EZ Rater layout. This User Interface is available for Goal and Competency sections on the form and provides managers and employees with a quick and easy rating format. Combined with the Gap Analysis feature, this gives employees and managers an easy way to complete performance forms while also quickly identifying the gaps in the two ratings. The EZ Rater can be defaulted to collapsed or expanded, depending on the business requirements per section.



Links to Profile

Direct links can be embedded into the Performance form to access different profile elements. The benefit to this enhancement is that rather than navigating away from the form, you can update profile elements in a popup window, save and close and continue completing the Performance form. The link text can be the same as the element’s title or the link text can be different. This is a great way to engage employees to update their profiles during performance process.



Performance Potential 9-Box

The Performance Potential 9-Box is often seen in the Succession module, however the performance form can also support 9 box placements. Either using manual performance ratings or using the form’s overall rating, the matrix grid placement can be an added section to the form. This section can be configured and permissioned to show multiple user’s placements. The rating scales and grid placement names can all be configured to the organization’s requirements.

SAP_Performance&Goals_Potential Summary


Goal Field Layout

While some formatting on the Performance form is standard functionality that can not be configured, most users are unaware that we can control the order and layout contained in the Goal Details tabs. If you want to add, remove or reorder fields in the Goal Details tab, or even remove the Other Details tab from showing on the form, all is possible with the proper configuration. The Other Details tab pulls in sub tables from the form (milestones, targets, etc.) and can be removed from the form if it is not being used. This is just another way to clean up the Performance form and make the form more usable.



Be sure to keep these 5 form features in mind next time you create a new Performance form template. While most of these items have been specific to Performance Review forms, also know that other types of forms may be used within the Performance module. This is especially useful for organizations who do not currently have SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, to create and administer forms such as Performance Improvement Plans, Tuition Reimbursement forms, Talent Review forms, or even Vacation Request forms. Regardless of the type of form, hopefully you will consider implementing some of these additional features.


Topics: SuccessFactors, SAP, Consulting Partner Resources, Performance and Goals

Lewis Strickland
Written by: Lewis Strickland