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Virtual Learning Solutions To Help Your Remote Workforce

May 8, 2020 4:26:43 PM / by Arti Khatwani


In these challenging times when working remotely has become the new reality, virtual learning sessions are more relevant than ever. Organizations that conduct classroom trainings for their employees can leverage online meeting spaces to conduct instructor-led trainings.


What is SuccessFactors VLS?

The Virtual Learning Service (VLS) is the integration between virtual meeting rooms like WebEx, Microsoft Skype for Business, or Adobe Connect and SAP SuccessFactors Learning.


Benefits of VLS Offering

If your company holds training in online meeting spaces like WebEx, Microsoft Skype for Business, and Adobe Connect, you can use the Virtual Learning Service (VLS) to connect users directly to the meeting rooms where their training takes place. When the meeting spaces are connected through VLS, users can open a virtual meeting room by clicking a link in their assignments list.

Depending on the capabilities of the meeting room vendor, SAP SuccessFactors Learning can also read the attendance list, time in attendance, and other reporting data. This saves instructors time later, when they post the outcomes of the training to records management.

SuccessFactors supports automatic notifications for the virtual sessions with calendar invites and meeting links. Users can join the meeting from the links or from LMS. Similarly, instructors have an option to start the class from LMS.

Supported Virtual Meeting Software

SuccessFactors supports the following meeting platforms. If the platform is hosted on the cloud, typically the most recent version will be available:
  • Adobe Connect Training 10.6 (cloud only)
  • Cisco WebEx Training Center WBS39.8.4 (cloud only)
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center WBS39.8.4 (cloud only)
  • Microsoft Lync 2013 (on-premise)
  • Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2016 (on-premise)

Pre- Requisites

  • Customers must have a VLS license for their Learning Management System.
  • Here is a quick way to check if you already have a VLS License: Navigate to LMS Admin > System Admin > Environment > Licensed Modules
  • Virtual Meeting Software should not be behind SSO. If an organization uses Single Sign On, they can create separate instructor accounts without Single Sign On for training purposes.

Although working remotely can bring challenges to your workforce, you have the ability to simplify your HR processes by implementing VLS and integrating it with your virtual meeting software to keep your employees up to date with their training.


If you would like more information on how to continue your remote workforce’s education while utilizing Virtual Learning Solutions, particularly during these unique times, please reach out to us at: info@whitakertaylor.com
Arti Khatwani
Written by: Arti Khatwani