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How to Synchronize SAP Personnel Administration with Organizational Management

Dec 9, 2016 12:30:00 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor

How to Synchronize SAP Personnel Administration with Organizational ManagementMany firms are still using the SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) on-premises platform, especially for core HR functionality. They have a stable platform that meets their needs, and it is easy to integrate with newer cloud talent management applications.

The most important integration for these HCM customers is the synchronization between Organizational Management (OM) and Personnel Administration (PA). Failure to sync these applications causes inaccurate reporting and broken database relationships. These relationships include employee/position, employee/manager, and any other data that relies on accurate information about Organization, Positions, or Jobs.


If you don’t have PA/OM integrated, you can use the manual process outlined here, but we recommend integration whenever possible. Manual sync is tedious, and it creates an opportunity for human error. When the modules are in sync, a change in OM will automatically change the PA data.


Integration Switches

You control the integration using the switches in Table T77S0. The PA/OM integration is defined by PLOGI – ORGA (port login – organization) in this table. There are other switches as well for PLOGI group, but for time being we will only focus on this one. If the value of PLOGI-ORGA is set to X integration is switched ON between the PA and OM modules.

Organizational Unit, Position, and Job objects in OM are stored in Personnel Administration tables T527X, T528B, and T513S, respectively.

Once the PA and OM integration is turned on, there are several out of the box ABAP reports you can execute that to integrate the two and help keep them in sync throughout the lifespan of your use of SAP. They are:

  • RHINTE00 – ABAP Report – Transfer Organizational Assignment (PA -> PD)
  • RHINTE10 – Prepare Integration (OM with PA)
  • RHINTE20 – Create missing objects (OM or PA)
  • RHINTE30 – Transfer org. assignment in batch input folder for infotype 0001


RHINTE00 –Transfer Organizational Assignment (PA -> PD)

RHINTE00 takes information from HR-PA and writes it to HR-PD (Personnel Planning and Development). The process takes these actions:

  1. Reads the records in Organizational Assignment infotype (0001) in PA.
  2. Checks whether all or some of these records exist in PD.
  3. If all the records exist in PD for the entire validity period of the PA record, it creates a log. The log indicates that no changes are required in PD and no batch input session is created.
  4. If changes are required, the system creates the following records in PD per the Create Object(s) and Create Relationship(s)

The process creates these objects in PD:

  1. Objects (infotype 1000):
  • Work center
  • Job
  • Organizational unit
  • Position
  • Relationships (infotype 1001) between the following objects:
  • Person and position (or work center)
  • Position and job
  • Position and organizational unit
  • Cost center and organizational unit or position (depending on the Relate Cost Center with parameter)

The system only creates objects and relationships for objects used in HR Master Data. The objects are created in the validity period they have in the relevant check tables for master data.

If the validity periods of the PA and PD records border each other or overlap, a continuous record is created in PD or the existing record is extended, avoiding splits in the validity period.

The parameters of this report allow you to define the following:

  • The target plan version for the relevant objects and relationships. The standard target plan version is the integration plan version set up in Customizing under Set Active Plan Version.
  • Whether records are to be created in PD (transfer of organizational assignment) or delimited (transfer of employees' leaving). Records are created in the standard system.
  • Status to be used for relationships and objects (active or planned; only active for integration plan version).
  • Percentage to be used in the relationship. (standard is 100%.)
  • Whether objects and relationships are to be created. In the standard system, this option = yes.
  • Object type with which relationships with cost centers are created (standard is O = organizational unit).
  • Whether old holder relationships are to be delimited (if can be decided technically).
  • If and under which name a batch input session is to be created.

RHINTE10 – Prepare Integration (OM with PA)

The RHINTE10 process reads OM data and create them in PA side

This program allows you to create object types in Personnel Administration (HR-PA) which have already been set up in Personnel Planning and Development (HR-PD) and which are needed for integration.

The following object types are relevant to integration:




Work center

(Object type A)

Tables T528B, T528T


(Object type C)

Tables T513, T513S


(Object type S)

Tables T528B, T528T

Organizational unit

(Object type O)

Table T527X


Only objects which exist in status 1 (active) in the integration plan version are included (see in PD Customizing under Set active plan version, entry PLOGI PLOGI).

The integration object types are required for infotype 0001 "Organizational Assignment".

A program run can take place for one or all object types.


RHINTE20 – Create missing objects (OM or PA)

RHINTE20 will create missing objects in PA or OM. Use the program to check whether the relevant object types for integration have been created in both Personnel Administration (HR-PA) and Personnel Planning and Development (HR-PD).

The entries in the HR tables T513/T513S (job), T528B/T528T (position, work center) and T527X (organizational unit) are compared with the corresponding objects that have been created in the HRPnnnn file for PD in the integration plan version.

Objects that are missing either in PA or PD can be created immediately.


RHINTE30 – Transfer org. assignment in batch input folder for infotype 0001

RHINTE30 syncs IT0001 and PPOME to assign an employee to a position. The report creates a batch input session for specified personnel numbers. The session updates infotype 0001 "Organizational Assignment" (PA) for each person in the file.

The organizational assignment created by previous actions in Personnel Planning and Development is transferred to infotype 0001.

We recommend that you start the report in test mode so you can troubleshoot errors.


Further information

You can find further information about integration and about using this report in Customizing in the description of the activity Set Up Integration with Personnel Administration and in the documentation of the form pool SAPFHPIN.


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