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What's New with SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0?

Oct 25, 2018 12:28:00 PM / by Jessica Meinhardt

From previous SAP announcements, we knew that the overall goal of the updated Onboarding module was to simplify. Using the existing Employee Central interface, the users (both new hire and administrator) would see an experience mimicking the familiarities of EC. As of recent, we have now learned that Onboarding will be sharing MDF Objects and EC Entities. This will support the effort it can currently take to complete mapping between Recruiting → Onboarding → Employee Central.

Now that Onboarding will be built off the core structure of Employee Central, those implementing and updating will have the benefit of using the new ‘Recruit to Hire’ tool, which will simplify what used to be an effort-intense process.

  Onboarding updates will also include a new notification framework which is again built on MDF framework. In addition to this, Advanced Conditions will be replaced with the use of Business Rules.

For those clients looking to manage documents organizationally in a single repository, SAP has announced that they are working on a document management center to be part of the overall SuccessFactors platform.

The current Hiring Manager Activities will be replaced with a comprehensive Onboarding Activities dashboard. This will allow tracking of new hire progress through a single glance. Assignment of tasks in Onboarding will be handled through Role-Based Permissions.

In the Q3 2018 update, SAP SuccessFactors gave a preview to the new SAP SuccessFactors Digital Assistant.  This tool uses interactive bot technology to assist new employees both through the mobile and PC based Onboarding applications by empowering new hires to complete activities and relevant information.  New hires will be able to get help from the Digital Assistant by asking questions (via voice command) such as, “I’m looking for…” or “I need to…”.

From a reporting and analytics standpoint, reports across the suite will be housed in a single, new area powered by SAP Analytics Cloud.  The tagline for this new feature is “Tell compelling stories using a single solution with data from across the entire suite”.  Within this new reporting tool, users will be able to create and deploy all reporting needs. 

For those clients who may be apprehensive about adopting a newly renovated Onboarding tool, detailed announcements about sunsetting of the current Onboarding have not been released as of yet. 

In regards to the roadmap of continued Onboarding 2.0 activities, please see below:

From past blogs, you may recall that one of the biggest factors of Onboarding 2.0 was the migration process of current clients to the new interface.  Over the last quarter, SuccessFactors has made great strides towards defining this activity.  To migrate or complete a full re-implement is still an organization-specific decision, but tools for migration are underway.

To assist in this decision, you may want to consider this question, “Do I migrate where possible or take this opportunity to learn from my experiences and rebuild?”

Currently, SuccessFactors has over 1800 onboarding clients and the number continues to grow. 

If you are currently working on an Onboarding implementation or just beginning to consider how your organization will handle the transition to Onboarding 2.0 you may want to keep these things in mind:

  • Keep your configuration workbook and testing documentation up-to-date
  • Stick to standard features and forms whenever possible
  • Avoid any new custom integrations
  • Consider using Home Page tiles and tour versus the Employee (SharePoint) Portal


Whitaker-Taylor is an SAP Gold partner and is able to assist your organization with SuccessFactors implementation, support, and optimization needs. Please contact us for further information.

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Jessica Meinhardt
Written by: Jessica Meinhardt

Jessica has engaged in several successful national and global SuccessFactors implementations and support for over 25 clients with a focus on Recruiting Management, Onboarding, and Learning Management System (LMS). Supported clients have a come from a variety of industries including insurance, retail, manufacturing, banking, food and beverage and technology. To date, Jessica has supported several large Enterprise and global implementations. For one Enterprise client, her work as the Lead Implementation Consultant for LMS was recognized at 2015 SuccessConnect. Most recently she has integrated SuccessFactors Recruiting to Onboarding, Employee Central and supported multiple third-party vendor integrations. Jessica’s 12 year tenure in HR management has afforded her the opportunity to apply deep knowledge and understanding to client’s organizational requirements and processes.