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Simplify Your SAP Mobile Development and Be HR’s Hero

Mar 21, 2017 2:00:00 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor

Simplify Your SAP Mobile Development and Be HR’s HeroPeople in your organization want simple, useful apps that help them get their work done anytime and anywhere. The tools you give them impact how employees feel about their work and your organization.

Mobile app deployment is an opportunity for you to boost productivity. It might seem your people want you to dig a trench with a spoon, but SAP Fiori SDK is your backhoe. You can do this.


Fiori Deployment Options

Fiori 2.0 is the development platform for SAP HANA. It provides a responsive design environment for apps across all devices on a single code base. It is the same platform SAP uses for S/4 HANA and other applications.

Transactional apps can run without HANA, but analytical and fact sheet apps require the HANA database.

SAP provides hundreds of apps to its customers and supports many 3rd party developers. For a unique business requirement or to extend an existing app, the Fiori SDK provides all the tools you need.

Each Fiori deployment option has its pluses and minuses, but with a little planning, you can choose the right deployment for your organization. You may end up using all of them.

  • Fiori Web allows you to use browser based apps that require no installation. The developer must provide security and integration, but solutions and connections are available in the IDE.
  • SAP Fiori Client is a customized Apache Cordova application and is the native client for SAP Mobile Services. You can use it with SMP to take advantage of the trusted connections and security. Pre-packaged plug-ins extend capability and ease deployment but branding options are not available, and you cannot modify pre-packaged plugins.
  • Kapsel is a set of Apache Cordova plugins for use with Fiori Client and the SMP Hybrid Web Container (HWC). Deployment with Kapsel enables Custom packaging and branding, push notifications, and offline data sync.

Simplify Your SAP Mobile Development and Be HR’s Hero

Whether you do the work with your development team, augment your staff, or hire a consultant, Fiori can help you speed your development, lower your costs, and give you a product people will love. You can do it on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Even better—it will ease your BYOD pain.


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Written by: Whitaker-Taylor