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Additional Notes Text Box on Infotype Screens: A Low-Cost Enhancement for SAP On-Premise HCM

Sep 28, 2016 12:00:00 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor

Additional Notes Text Box: SAP On-premise HCM Enhancement      If you are one of the many companies that is still using SAP On-premise HCM with no plans to switch to SuccessFactors Employee Central in the near future, why not maximize your investment in your on-premise solution by doing some low-cost enhancements. One enhancement several of our clients have done is to place an additional notes text box on some infotype screens.

     Currently, HR personnel have to keep additional information and notes for an associate on paper. And when they need to access employee information, they sometimes have to look in several places for what they need. One piece might be in the HCM, while another hard-copy piece resides in a file cabinet down the hall. Also, when the information is on paper, it cannot be reported on. Thus, it would be helpful to have all the information for a given associate in the system, stored in one place on any given infotype. This type of centralization would allow HR a way to pull easily the complete information stored on an infotype whenever it is needed.

     In fact, SAP currently offers a way to do that via PA30. The user has to bring up the infotype, then go to the edit menu at the top of the screen and select the “maintain text” option. This method, however, has its limitations. First of all, it’s not user friendly, and secondly, you cannot report on it because there is no way to pull the information.

     A better solution is to add an additional comments text box on the infotype screen to help HR staff store the notes about the associate. This method keeps the information in one place when the associate moves from one department to another. It’s done using the custom control on the infotype screen. (The comments will be stored in a back-end table.) Usually the infotype screens do not have enough room for big text boxes on the screen to store additional information. This problem can be worked around by creating a separate subtype for that infotype. It can then be hidden or displayed based on the subtype selection.

     By keeping notes with an additional textbox on the infotype screen, you can realize several benefits compared to the traditional paper method as well as compared to using the SAP method.

Advantages Compared to Keeping Paper Notes

  1. Data is stored in one central place.
  2. Information from the additional text box can be pulled for reporting.
  3. It reduces the use and cost of paper.

Advantages Compared to Using the SAP Method

  1. It’s more user friendly.
  2. You can report on its content
  3. Security lock down

     Given these advantages, this small enhancement can yield real payback for your HR department and your business as a whole. Adding the additional text box on the infotype screen will reduce the time HR staff have to spend maintaining, finding and reporting on employee information. Maintaining employee notes electronically also allows your business to realize direct economic efficiencies because you will be using less paper. Take advantage of this easy enhancement today.


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Written by: Whitaker-Taylor