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Revamp your Recruiting efforts with SAP SuccessFactors Job Analyzer

Feb 1, 2018 11:00:00 AM / by Scott Burton

Have you ever had a position that you just cannot seem to fill? The requisition sits there, mocking you as the age of the posting grows daily. One of the reasons the position has not been filled may be due to the language in the posting. The legal team may have combed through and approved it for legal purposes, but is it possible that someone unknowingly inserted wording that created a bias of gender into the posting?

With SuccessFactors Job Analyzer, you can be sure that the position description is as neutral as possible. This optional upgrade is available for users as of Q4 2017. Please note that this is a beta, and functionality may be removed or altered.

This is pretty neat and all, but what modules must you have activated to enjoy this feature? Recruiting Management is the main one that is necessary to run this, but it is nice to have Recruiting Marketing so you can see the benefits of your optimized Job Postings. You will find the option to upgrade to this functionality in the Upgrade Center, found in the Admin Center. Once these are turned on, you must permission two items:

  • View Job Analyzer Language Section
  • View Job Analyzer Hireability Section
A cool thing to note is that this is compatible with both the Fiori and Non-Fiori User Interface(UI). As of the date of this post, we are only able to analyze English Job Descriptions. However, we expect SuccessFactors will implement this for more Languages in the future. Job Profile Builder cannot be turned on while using this functionality. That being said, late 2018 we should see compatiblity offered between the two upgrades.
Once enabled, you will see two drop down sections that you can select. The first section is called “Hireability”. This section has a bar that represents three different categorizations on how easy this job should be to recruit a candidate based on the potential for clicks, and how far off the salary-range for this requisition is. SuccessFactors pulls data through external aggregated open web data via smartsearch APIs. This allows the Job analyzer to compare the key features of the requisition against similar job postings. Once you update them, you can re-analyze the requisition to refresh your rating.                                         

Figure 1: Hireability

The next section of the Job Analyzer is titled “Language.” You will notice that there is a five-star rating system. This will adjust as you tweak the job description, and press the refresh icon in the upper right-hand corner of the tab. The Gender Bias Scan comes next, with the scale that visually represents the balance (or lack thereof) of masculinity, femininity or neutrality. A few examples of masculine words that are in the posting are: strategic and analyzing. 

Fig. 2 – Job Description Analysis

As an example, I have taken a job from the web and run it through the Job Analyzer. The job description in question is for an Operations Manager position. I went to the Job requisition, selected view/edit, and finally clicked the arrow on the right-hand side to open the Job Analyzer tab. Once I did that, I noticed immediately that this job post was rated only two out of five possible stars. That score is an aggregate of the scores of the balance, length and skills that werefound in the job description. By rearranging and replacing some words, I will be able to raise this score. See Figure 3 below for the differences.

Figure 3: Before, and after.

Remember the words that were mentioned earlier (strategic, analyze)? These words were among the few words that were the more neutral versions to help balance the tone. Once these words were changed, the star-rating went up to four stars due to the more even balance between masculine, feminine, and an emphasis on neutrality.

In short, this feature is one of many ways you can tailor your job postings to attract the perfect candidate! A recent study stated that out of 76,000 job postings, there were around 478,175 gender biased words. That equates to around six words per posting that weren’t mirrored with the oppositely gendered word! This update can help you fill the positions crucial for the organization to function. For more information on this upgrade and SAP SuccessFactors’ push to move Business Beyond Bias, follow this link.

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Scott Burton
Written by: Scott Burton

As the President of Whitaker-Taylor, Scott Burton has managed operations for more than 30 global, national and regional SAP users, spanning the manufacturing, automotive, retail, information systems and energy industries. His range of expertise includes systems implementation, change management, support analysis, project management, and account management.