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How Can SAP SuccessFactors Career Site Builder Change the Face of Your Company?

Jul 15, 2016 12:13:17 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor

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SAP_SuccessFactors_Career_Site_Builder.jpgThe other day I was speaking with leaders of an organization that was thinking about improvements to its career site. After comparing their site with others, they admitted that they’ve never been a “sexy” company, one that lures attention; they have a more conservative feel. That interaction got me thinking—how important is a career site for top candidates? Does the design and feel really make a difference?

These days the phrase “cultural fit” is a hot buzzword when looking for candidates. Sure, this person has the skill set and experience, but would they be able to fit into our values, our goals, and the personalities and strengths of our team.

In reality, though, it’s a two-way street; candidates are also seeking a cultural fit. They’re looking for modernism, growth, and confidence. So, what sets you apart from other organizations, and what’s going to make you a long-lasting company, not just another pathway on the road? This question brings me back to the organization I referenced earlier. If company leaders have a preconceived notion that their organization is not an attractive landing spot, and they lack the confidence to compete with top-tier organizations, then those beliefs will permeate through the whole company. And believe me, candidates can smell the insecurity from a mile away.

So, what can be done about this problem? The first thing a candidate sees when researching a company is most likely its career site. Why not start there?

SuccessFactors had a new release this year called Career Site Builder. For those that may have overlooked this release, it may be time for a second look. Career Site Builder is exactly what you think when you hear the name. It gives you the power to design and configure how your career web site will look and feel, with limited outside help. Additionally, you can continually update and maintain the website if you want to add extra pages or features, for example, eliminating high costs of support, maintenance, and dealing with untimely system updates. Most integrated career sites are done so on your vendor’s terms. How the design looks, how postings and dashboards are positioned—it’s all based on your vendor. The only difference is the company logo. With Career Site Builder, you can implement your vision of a career site and showcase the important aspects of your company that make it unique. Additionally, Career Site Builder provides innovative mobile capabilities that show you are up to date with technology and adaptive to the needs of candidates. Using best practices and proven results, SuccessFactors can help you decide what you are trying to embody as a company and how to display it in your website.

Implementation of a stand-alone Career Site Builder doesn’t take long at all. It also can be easily packaged with SuccessFactors Recruiting Management or Onboarding to completely transform your hiring process. In a short time, your company image can transform from dull and run of the mill to unique and alluring. You can broadcast your culture for top candidates just in time for the jam-packed fall hiring season. It’s about time your organization’s outward image reflected the outstanding company that you operate.


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Topics: SuccessFactors, Recruiting Marketing

Written by: Whitaker-Taylor