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Performance Metric Profile

Sep 1, 2015 4:22:00 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor

With the 1505 Quarterly Release, SuccessFactors introduced a new tool called the Performance Metric Profile.

This tool is part of the new NextGen Admin Tool (Admin Tool 3.0) which is the newest screen for Admin Tools. The Performance Metric Profile allows administrators to view information about system usage and data from different modules such as Performance Management (PM), Goals Management (GM), Learning Management (LMS), and others.

To access the Performance Metric Profile feature, as mentioned earlier, a user has to go to the NextGen Admin Homepage, and click on the link “Switch back to NextGen Admin Homepage” in Admin Tools 2.0:




Once in the NextGen Admin Homepage the user can see different portlets including two associated with system performance metrics:

  1. Logins
  2. Page Views

Click on the link “See More” to see details about the different metrics:



While in the Performance Metrics page, a user can see information related to:

1)Log in Counts

Here you can see the number of login transactions for the overall system. You can drill down based on timeframe.


Here you can see information about network and data center response times. You can drill down based on timeframe and module.

3)Page performance

Here you can see information about how much time it takes a page and its content to lead. You can drill down based on timeframe.


Here you can see information about data responses for different modules. You can drill down based on timeframe.



The Performance Metric Profile tool does have some requirements including:

  1. Access to Provisioning

    1. This tool has to be enabled via Provisioning

  2. NextGen Admin Tools (Admin Tools 3.0)

    1. This needs to be configured by Professional Services

  3. V12 UI

The Performance Metric Profile feature is a very useful tool to monitor system performance, and can add a lot of value for administrators if there are plans to escalate the size and usage of the SuccessFactors instance. Also, it offers very good data for analysis and planning in regards to system usage.

If you would like to learn more about the Performance Metric Profile feature or have it configured in your instance, please do not hesitate in contacting us.


Pablo Stuardo

SuccessFactors Consultants

Whitaker-Taylor, Inc.




Written by: Whitaker-Taylor