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3 Big Challenges Recruitment Analysts Face - How to Use SAP SuccessFactors to Overcome Them

Jun 23, 2016 3:27:34 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor


A recruiting analyst’s job could be a piece of cake, or it could turn into a hiring nightmare. Well, maybe the piece of cake part is a stretch, but you get what I mean.  An effective analyst works to align the organization’s ever-changing business rules with its HRIS system. Equally important, he or she needs to ensure deliverables are on time and accurate throughout the hiring lifecycle. Depending on the season, an analyst can be overwhelmed with numerous processes including creation of job requisitions, screening resumes, generating offer letters, and many more tasks. Juggling these duties often creates three big challenges for recruitment analysts.  The good news is that SuccessFactors can help you overcome these obstacles.

Challenge 1: Job requisitions and posting requests can pile up in a hurry.

During peak recruiting season, an analyst may easily have to create hundreds of job requisitions.  Although many of these requisitions are similar, they have to be manually created separately from scratch. This tedious process not only causes delays, but it diminishes standardization as two descriptions for the exact same job may turn out differently.

SuccessFactors provides a number of tools to more easily manage this process.  An analyst can copy a similar job requisition and then, with just a click of a button, use it as a template. If you have no idea where to start, try browsing through a database of “Families & Roles” which can lead you to a prior job description and related competencies and skills that matches what you are seeking. 

Challenge 2: Coordinating the steps and managing the collaborators is not easy.

Signing off on job requisitions, collaborating on interview schedules, approving offer letters, conducting background checks—the back and forth between a recruiter, a hiring manager, and HR can be overwhelming.  It can also delay the hiring process significantly. With all the meetings and daily responsibilities, HR professionals are constantly multi-tasking, and the hiring process can easily get caught up in any one of these steps. SucessFactors Mobile Recruiting, SuccessFactors Jam, and built in workflow automation allow everyone involved in the process to participate while on the go and keep the process transparent. Decisions and approvals can be made faster, documents are always accessible when you need them, and comments and ratings can be noted for other team members to view.

Challenge 3:  It takes way too long to screen applicants.

After hundreds of candidates apply for a position, it’s now time to screen them to see who meets the minimum requirements. Multiply those hundreds with other job boards and university sites, and it leaves you with a whole lot of applications to look through manually and screen each candidate in or out.  The process can easily take multiple days.

SuccessFactors tackles this problem with the Question Library tool.  Recruitment analysts can use Question Library’s customizable pre-screening questions and weighted scoring systems to screen out unqualified candidates. It also allows users to rank qualified candidates based on the candidate’s responses. This helps you key in on the most qualified candidates early in the process and see who your frontrunners are.

These are just a few of the features and functionalities available in the SuccessFactors Recruiting Management software.  SuccessFactors can help you eliminate inefficiencies that are causing bottlenecks and ensure that your organization is streamlining the recruiting process and spending time where it counts.  Wouldn’t you rather minimize time spent in the posting and assessing talent and have more time to engage with those top candidates?  


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Written by: Whitaker-Taylor