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How Employee Central and Intelligent Services Impact Your Performance Platform

Jun 5, 2020 6:45:00 AM / by Sean Flores

SuccessFactors is an expansive system, designed to enhance your employee’s human resource experience. Employee Central, although fairly new, continues to provide solutions to all your needs. With many of the platform updates becoming more predictive and automated, SuccessFactors HCM Employee Central brings Intelligent Services to the table.


Intelligent Services is an enhancement that gives you more control over job events and is designed to conduct actions resulting from a system change/transaction. It also positively impacts your HR involvement by reducing their time spent in day to day actions, such as job information changes, terminations, new hires, etc. This feature essentially enables positive business results by simplifying your HR processes to increase productivity throughout the SuccessFactors HCM Suite, including your talent modules, such as Development, Succession, even Performance Management.


Employee Central and Intelligent Services has published an event that now launches a performance management review/form after a job information change action. Job information is a section within every employees’ profile that houses standard information on the job role, division, location, etc.


In order to implement this action, you must first follow a procedure, as with many Intelligent Services transactions. From there, you will need to configure a business rule specific for the job information change and create an event reason to initiate the workflow/approval action. While this may sound technical, it is a process that can be completed in a few steps:

  1. 1. Create the business rule
  2. image-10
  3. 2.Make the business configuration change
  4. Picture2-2
  5. Picture3
  6. 3.Create the event reason
  7. Picture4
  8. 4. Make the profile data change
  9. Picture5
  10. 5. Form is now launched (validate by checking performance inbox)
  11. Picture6

Once these configurations are set, any actions done within the profile, in the job information portlet, will now be able to respect these rules, hence, no further management is needed on this rule and your processes are now automated for launching performance reviews/forms. This also eliminates the need for manual interference when other changes are needed for launching procedures within the admin center.


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Sean Flores
Written by: Sean Flores