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Continuous Performance in SuccessFactors

May 27, 2016 12:41:26 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor

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Continuous Performance - SuccessFactors

If you’re not yet familiar with Continuous Performance, then get ready to learn about one of the most exciting new features of this year. The Continuous Performance feature gives companies a tool to take performance evaluation past the traditional once-a-year concept, by offering means of constant communication and feedback between managers and direct reports.    

Continuous Performance was officially made available for customers as an opt-in enhancement with the 2016 Q1 release.  The new feature allows managers to monitor and ensure employees are working on the right items at the right time.  It also allows employees to provide feedback to their managers on the tasks, contributions and achievements in which they are involved.

Key Features of Continuous Performance

  1. Tracking – Tasks and activities in which employees are involved are shown and tracked.
  2. Structure – Lists of all activities, tasks, achievements, etc. are available to use as a base for one-on-one discussions at any time.
  3. Goal Plan – There is a direct cross-integration with Goals and Development; therefore, all activities available in Continuous Performance can be integrated with Goals and Development to ensure that alignment exists between higher level goals, development paths and daily/weekly activities.
  4. Coaching – Coaching is a very important component in efforts to improve an employee’s performance. Continuous Performance offers a tool for managers to guide and drive coaching to others. 
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Elements of Continuous Performance

  • 1:1 Meeting is the foundation of Continuous Performance from a process perspective. It allows you to view all activities, topics and coaching advice.
  • Notifications helps keep employees and managers on the right track. Notifications can include email, mobile and items on the To Do list (tile).
    • An employee receives a notification if he or she has not updated the 1:1 meeting within a pre-defined period.
    • A manager receives a notification if he or she has not met with the employee within a pre-defined period.
  • Annual Summary is a view where the most outstanding activities or items can be highlighted. 

Additional Details About Continuous Performance

  • Continuous Performance is an Opt-In feature.
  • Continuous Performance is built on Metadata Framework (MDF).
  • Continuous Performance requires RBP.
  • Continuous Performance is mobile ready.
  • Continuous Performance does not require a separate license.

Continuous Performance is a tool that fundamentally changes the way performance is measured (or tracked) by allowing managers and employees to have constant feedback. Employees can offer visibility to managers on activities and achievements in a very structured and measured way, while managers can provide continual feedback and offer constant support on all the different items the employee might be involved.

Continuous Performance, in combination with the rest of the SuccessFactors Talent Management suite offers numerous benefits.  Users can produce more robust reports and feed more and better data into Goals and Development.  Consequently, managers will have information to analyze and measure employee final performance and can make better compensation and pay-for-performance decisions based on reliable data.  The possibilities are abundant for this exciting new feature. 

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Written by: Whitaker-Taylor