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How to Become a Recognized SuccessFactors eXpert Administrator

Nov 22, 2016 12:45:00 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor

shutterstock_519924127.jpgSuccessFactors administration is a valuable skill. Being an accredited SuccessFactors eXpert takes you to an entirely different level.

Now you can earn the recognition, status, and potential that comes from the proven ability to apply your expert knowledge.

You can become a SuccessFactors eXpert (SFX) administrator at no additional cost.

What is SFX?

The SuccessFactors eXpert (SFX) Accreditation is a set of exams to accredit trained customer administrators in SuccessFactors products.



Product training and a wealth ofproduct resources enable them to maximize the value of their organization’s investment in SuccessFactors.


The trainings are available online at any time. Log in from anywhere globally.


The SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center is your one-stop shop for SuccessFactors administrator training and accreditation. Log in at [URL] with your SAP User Account.


How do I know if I have an SAP User Account?

If you have accessed the SAP Support Portal, SAP Community Network (SCN), SAP Training & Certification Shop or SAP Service Marketplace, then you have an SAP User Account. The same credentials give you access to the Learning Center.


SFX Benefits

As an eXpert Administrator, you can

  • deepen your knowledge of SuccessFactors products to improve the value of SuccessFactors to your organization,
  • collaborate with other SF eXperts to learn things only they can know through direct experience,
  • participate in SFX-only events to improve your knowledge and skills,
  • Add Accreditations to your resume and signature.


What You Need to Know

There is no additional cost for training or to complete exams in the SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center.

To gain SFX status, you must pass Foundations and at least one product exam.

Accreditation is valid for one year. EXperts must re-take the SFX exam annually to maintain accreditation.

Training content in the SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center is self-paced. You can choose how you prepare, with self-study, private training, and virtual instructor-led training.


Earn the recognition you deserve.

Log in now to get started



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Written by: Whitaker-Taylor