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SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics

Sep 17, 2016 12:36:36 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor posted in SuccessFactors

If I asked you right now to tell me your company’s profit per employee and how it compares to industry leaders, could you do it? How long would it take you to find the answer? Would your head explode just thinking about it?

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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing Overview 

Jul 1, 2016 2:59:30 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor posted in SuccessFactors, Recruiting Marketing


Recruiting Marketing is not new to the SuccessFactors ecosystem.  However, it’s a module that has been underutilized, or perhaps not even discovered, by many customers.  But because of the new Career Site Builder (CSB), I believe use of Recruiting Marketing will now aggressively expand.  CSB is a  tool within the RMK module that allows customers to have full control over their career sites.  This independence makes the Recruiting Marketing module more attractive.

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Continuous Performance in SuccessFactors

May 27, 2016 12:41:26 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor posted in SuccessFactors, Employee Central

Continuous PerformContinuous rformance in SuccessFactors anc

If you’re not yet familiar with Continuous Performance, then get ready to learn about one of the most exciting new features of this year. The Continuous Performance feature gives companies a tool to take performance evaluation past the traditional once-a-year concept, by offering means of constant communication and feedback between managers and direct reports.    

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The Next Generation of HRIS: SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

Apr 29, 2016 12:31:55 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor posted in SuccessFactors, Employee Central

The world has been heavily using SAP HCM as its HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) for decades, and it has worked well.  We know, however, that technology rapidly evolves. And over time, business challenges change as well, which is why smart people find ways to create new, better solutions.

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New Payment Information Migration in Employee Central

Apr 6, 2016 12:00:00 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor posted in Employee Central

There is a new Payment Information portlet available for Employee Central customers.

To offer some background, below is an explanation of what the the Payment Information portlet does.

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Performance Metric Profile

Sep 1, 2015 4:22:00 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor

With the 1505 Quarterly Release, SuccessFactors introduced a new tool called the Performance Metric Profile.

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Pods in SuccessFactors Performance Management Form

Jul 30, 2015 1:07:00 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor


SuccessFactors is requiring companies who currently use SuccessFactors to upgrade to the v12 user interface by the 1508 Quarterly Release. Even though the Performance Management v12 Acceleration is not mandatory for this release, it eventually will be; therefore, it is prudent for SuccessFactors administrators to begin planning for this upgrade now.

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