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A quick look at "Outlook Integration with Interview Scheduling" in Recruiting in 1508 Release

Oct 19, 2015 1:15:48 PM / by Whitaker-Taylor

SuccessFactors_Recruiting_module_blog.jpgWith the Q3 1508 release the much anticipated Outlook Integration is now available with Interview Scheduling functionality in SuccessFactors Recruiting module. Let’s take a look at this new feature and discuss some of the key components to enable Outlook integration.


 Interviews were scheduled in SuccessFactors by free time or ‘Availability’ manually entered into SuccessFactors Calendar. It was additional manual work for Interviewers to manually enter free time in SuccessFactors Calendar and/or for Recruiters to first look for free time in Interviewers Outlook Calendar and add those slot on behalf of the Interviewers in SuccessFactors’s Calendar.

 Interview requests were sent by email and Interviewers had to create meeting reminders for themselves in Outlook.


When Outlook Integration is enabled for an instance, the SuccessFactors calendar for Interview Scheduling will be hidden permanently and all availability will come straight from the BizX Users’ Outlook calendar. When an interview is booked, a meeting invitation will be sent to the Interviewers’ Outlook Calendar and they can accept, decline or accept tentatively.

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Topics: Insider, Outlook Integration

Written by: Whitaker-Taylor